It is very interesting and joyful moment when we drive our own car. Used cars are less expensive when compare to new but buying used car is not an easy job as buying the new one. You should look into many things such as old paper work, insurance, engine etc., before choosing the right one. Now what do you do after buying the used cars? However, used cars are cheaper, still there are many things need to be done before take it to your friends. Let us discuss few important things to be done after buying used car and before the road trip.

Complete Car Checkups

It is very important to check few things immediately after purchase the used car. If you car skilled in examine the cars, then it is easy for you to check the following things by yourself. Otherwise, it is advisable to call for a mechanic to check the car for you. First thing is to check the condition of wheel and tyre. Check for any damage or worn out in the tyres. Next check the engine oil.

If it is necessary, replace the engine oil before start using the car. Next check the air filter in the car, because used car sometime comes with lot of dust in air filter, which blocks the air filter, in such condition, replace the air filters. Lastly, it is important to check the battery life and engine condition. If the engine got any damage or bad condition, it is advisable to replace the engine before you use it.

Looking into the Paper Work

The most important things to do after purchase are getting the car insurance. Let your auto insurance company to know your purchase date, make and model of the vehicle. Be smart while choosing the insurance company. There are lot of insurance companies offering best rate for car insurance. After insure the vehicle next thing to consider is service and repair records. If possible, collect the record of car services and repairs done by the previous owner. It helps you to find the next service date and history of repairs done to the car. Also, collect the upcoming service records safely for future maintenance.

External and Internal Cleaning

Many pre-owned cars bought from the dealers are mostly clean and tidy, so there is no need to clean the car initially. However, some cars bought from direct owners and even from some dealers need to be groom first before using it. The first step in cleaning process is washing the car completely using car-washing soap. Then dry the exterior and allow it to dry completely.

If you see, any small scratches then use rubbing compound or scratch remover to remove the scratches. Now re apply wax to the car and polish the car exterior. Small portable vacuum cleaner is enough to set out the dust inside the car. Next use the all-purpose wet tissue to clean the dashboard, door, seats and the steering wheel. Now your car looks clean and tidy and you feel great to drive your car.


Buying pre-owned cars is non-expensive and pleasurable job. However, it is important to check the car condition before purchasing it. Being a used car, it is necessary to spend some additional money after purchasing the vehicle to make up it to the perfect condition. Some cars need complete oil checkups and service for engine before take a drive. Most of the cars from dealers do not have any complaints. Therefore, it is advisable to allow a mechanic to check the car completely and replace any parts if needed.

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