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Used Car Trade in India is in upmarket as explained here. More direct owners are flocking to sell their vehicles in internet. Since such second hand automobile portals can cut the middle men cost, you can find the deals in internet is relatively cheaper than visiting the respective dealers. In Chennai there are a lot individuals are selling their vehicles in internet. It is not that hard to find the right seller to get the one you are searching for.

In general there is a huge sum plays in the used vehicles trade in terms of middle men cost. You can get better deals from web if you have little negotiation skill and analysing capacity.

Select the right one for you from various filters that can help you refine in the portal using various data to find the best one based on your expectations. Remember, finding good one can be as difficult as finding a good house.

Obvious Things To check First

Check for any mis alignments of panels. If there is any, This shows that there was a work to bring the panels to uniform gap after an accident. The first thing to check used cars is to find whether the car had any major accident history are not. Since traffic in Chennai is so tight and avoiding scratches or dent in that kind of traffic is not possible. Though major accidents are not compared to other cities, it is still vital to check for accidents.

Check for any color difference between two sections. This shows the panels have been resprayed in particular sections.

Check any rattling sound in the body, Some vehicles it is realy a pain to fix this. Stay clear if you are fuzzy about rattling sound. It is really a hard job if the rattling is from dashboard, which is dismantled after company assembling.

Check for changes in engine noise, vibration when switching on/off the Air Conditioner. Also check the ability to cool the volume in shorter period of time.
The most important, check for engine vibrations and noise both from inside cabin and outside car(open the bonnet).

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