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Dealers Role In Used Car Buying And Selling

Have you ever wondered why do you see lots of cars advertised in Online Used Cars Portals from dealers than individuals? Only a few websites have the right proportion of cars from individuals and dealers. The reason behind is, these portals are charging the seller for a fee to list the cars with their system. Most of the individuals are not interested in paying money for the portals listing fee, as they afraid of wasting the money if the car is not sold. However the dealers are doing this as a business, and also for dealers there are attractive offers for selling in bulk.

What are the commissions a typical dealer can get?
In general, the dealer gets 2% from both buyers and sellers or either from the buyer or seller or just only from the sellers. Lets take for an example of fiesta diesel 2006 model costs 4,00,000 Rs for a buyer to buy from the dealer. Dealer charges 2% of 4,00,000 Rs which is 8,000 Rs from the seller and/or 8000 from the buyer.

However, There are cases seller has to wait till the dealer finds the right buyer for his car. If the seller is in a hurry mood to sell his car immediately because of whatsoever reasons like need of money, need of space for parking his new car, going abroad, relocating to other states etc… In these situations a dealer procures the car quite cheaply and sell the car to a prospective buyer with greater margins.

In addition to this, there are some bigger companies, typically from the car manufactures used car wing, also procures the car from the sellers without needing to wait for a buyer to show interest. Here also the dealers are getting good margins.

On exchanging cars for a new car from car manufacturers authorized dealers, the cars are procured for a cheaper price and sold later with great margins also. There are various ways these exchanged (trade in) cars are sold into the used car market. Some are sold in bulk to the used car dealers, some are sold from the used car division of the same authorized dealers also.

Good Time to Buy Used Cars

Search Used Car Online

On speaking frankly, there is no specific time to buy a used car. The best time to buy a car is when you find the right car at right price you can afford. You can find the best time for your purchase is by checking used car classifieds online regularly for the specific model of the car you desire and the price you can afford. Whether you are searching to buy used car from used car dealers or individual seller, it is advisable to use online car classified to compare the price of the car of same model. Therefore, that it is easy to get the best car deal and value for your money. You get the best price when you are ready to take the car home.

Year End Sale

End of the week or end of the month or end of the year does not work for used cars. It is only applicable for the new cars. The end of the year stuff hold true for new cars. Because of the new model, arrive in the following year. However, it is not true for used cars. If it were true, then the dealers would only sell cars in the last week of December. Used car not sell by today will go by tomorrow. People who think the best time to buy the used car is the end of the year are missing the good choice. You need to search for the car you like rather than wait until the end and risk the car you like.

Eye on Used Car Market

Cars are overpriced today, weather its new or used. Used car need more maintenance than new car. Figure out your budget and know the ongoing rate, not just for the model you are interested in, but for the other car as well. In some period, the used car market is dull and the sales are struggling. This can give you more advantage against the seller, as they will be working hard to close the deal. Keep an eye on used car market position before planning for purchase. More you know about the used car market it is good time for you to buy the used car.

Seasonal Used Car Market

Some model used cars are cost effective in some season. For example, expensive convertible used cars such as BMW make are comparatively cheaper in winter season. In addition, off-roaders such as Mahindra make are cost effective when the weather and road condition are good. When demand is low and the seller will be quiet so you can bargain the price. Buy the car if there are plenty of deals around, before the price starts to rise.