Leather Seats for Car

Today we found Leather seats in most of the cars. Few years back only luxury cars have leather seating. Now a day any car can have leather interior with the help of custom made car leather seats. Leather seat is nothing but the car seat covered by leather. These seats make the car look more elegant and rich. In addition, you can feel more comfortable in leather seats.

The car chairs are normally divided in to three types. Genuine leather, half leather and Artificial Leather . Each type of seats has its own advantage and disadvantage. The leather seat in a car can be built in when the car is newly bought or it may be custom made by the aftermarket leather seat.

Genuine Leather Seat

Genuine leather is nothing but the natural leather made from the raw hide of the animal. The top grain and full grain leather are the two most widely using genuine leather for car interior. There are more than 25 shades of genuine leather available in market. Among all these, Italian genuine leather seats are more famous among the car owners.

Every piece of leather seat has its own distinct characteristics; choosing leather for car is not an easy job. These seats represent luxury style and rich look to the car interior. 100% leather seats are sometimes not affordable for many people. These seats are very comfortable in summer climate.

The leather can dry out over time so it is necessary to apply high quality leather polish to the seat on regular basic. Leather seats are easy prone to dirt so extra care should be taken to maintain the shine. The leather seats last for long time if you provide regular maintenance.

Half Leather Seats

Today most of the company-manufactured car seats are half leather seats only. These seats are partially covered with leather and partially with normal seat cover. Mostly the area touches the human body are made with leather and rest of the area are covered with artificial leather matching with the leather.

These seats are bit easy to maintain than the genuine leather seats. Only care should given to the leather area and all other area do not need more maintenance. It is hot in summer climate when compare to 100% leather seats. However air conditioned car need has no worry about this.

Polyurethane or Synthetic Car Seats

Artificial leather, synthetic leather or Polyurethane (PU) is a durable car seat cover used in many automobiles today. It is inexpensive one and easily maintainable. It is one of the breathable artificial materials made of polyurethane. It is easy to clean since it does not absorb any liquid or dirt into it like leather.

You can find any colour car seat in this material to match your car exterior. Even though it is more durable and easy to clean, it gets heat easily on summer days. These seats are good choice for low maintenance car seats.